More Vital Knowledge


Holistic Health Reference and Dowsing Manual   This manual is an educational self help tool designed to support you in taking responsibility for your all round well being, a tool to take you in the direction of holistic wellness. It is intended to provide information in a novel and insightful way. It is not intended to prevent anyone from seeking professional health care

Using the Charts The manual contains ray charts to help identify and priorize information. Before you begin dowsing make sure you are well hydrated! To scan, simply dangle the pendulum over the oval area of the chart, then start moving it following the oval pattern as you center yourself and say something like this: “I seek information from the Light. I seek information from the Highest.” Keep your eyes on the oval area as you ask the pendulum to swing out and indicate to you the line of information that applies first and foremost, then second, third and so on. Keep breathing. Record the information and apply it by working with the items as they are priorized for you. E.g. 1.drink purified water 2.reduce EMFs 3.cleanse liver

Dowsing For Yourself  Scan the pages labeled STARTING POINTS and ask the energy to rank, in order of importance, the pages you need to work with: First...second...third...fourth...etc. Record the titles of the charts indicated. Turn to each chart and scan, again priorizing the data. Take, record or dictate notes. An alternative way to use the manual is to go directly to any chart of interest and ask the energy to rank the relevant information for you.

Dowsing For Someone Else  Place an energy source, or “witness” on the oval area of the chart. The witness can be a recent sample of handwriting saliva sample (wrapped in tissue & cellophane) a recent photo an object worn by the person. Proceed with scanning process. If the person is present you can connect with their energy by touching them or just by focusing on them...”I am dowsing for my friend Joe Dove”... As you gain experience and confidence you will be able to dowse for anyone, anywhere, just by connecting with them in your mind.

Remember: Do not attempt to make too many changes too quickly. It takes a couple of weeks to change a habit, be it dietary or other. Go step by step.

Create your own charts or add to the ones here. Have fun dowsing! The charts work equally well for those who prefer to use muscle testing. Enjoy!  [More Vital Knowledge 115 pages]