Adjustable Air Purifier


AAP 50 Plug-In Adjustable Fresh Air Room Deodorizer Air Purifier

The plug in O3 Pure AAP 50 Fresh Air Room Deodorizer is one of the most powerful units on the market today. It is top of the line and even with its small size it packs quite a punch. We recommend initially trying yours at the lowest output setting and adjusting it accordingly to your needs. In most spaces, even a low setting can achieve some impressive results in just a few short hours. The AAP 50 is perfect wherever mold, mildew, bacteria and unpleasant odors are a problem. It boasts a hand oiled fan system and each AAP 50 is tested and assembled in the U.S. Compact Design: Ideal for small spaces in Homes & RVs. Easily moved from room to room and travel ready. Optimum Output Control: adjustable ozone concentration Up to 150 sq. ft. Quiet Operation & Low Maintenance Chemical Free: does not use or produce chemicals. Low Power Consumption Deodorizes: combats odors from smelly shoes, smoke, sports equipment, pet smells, perfumes, etc., leaving rooms refreshed and odor free.


Model,                AAP-50
Voltage               110V / 50/60Hz                  
Power,                 <7.2 watts
Ozone output,      <0.50ppm adjustable
Size,                  1.97 x 3.54 x 4.09 inches
Weight,               6.35 oz
UPC                    856621003070
Continuous operation
03 Pure Top of the line Room Purifier.