Brain Balancing Session


Brain Dowsing...Using Subtle Energy Techniques for Brain Health

Recorded CD and 9 Page Handout.  CD is the recording of the August 19, 2014 Group Session along with Handout for Alternative Self Care Options and Dowsing Instructions. 

This is a recorded healing session focused on Balancing the Brain.   During this healing session Kathy Wilson and participating Dowsers -adjust, balance, unblock, eliminate pain and support brain structure and function.  The aim is to bring your eye back to optimum balance and function.  Whatever your brain challenege is  - this healing session will be of benefit.   Those who dowse can use this session for themselves, family and clients.

Some of the issues we balance and adjust  Blood flow  |  Bio Electricity / Chi | Nerves | Hormones | Polarity | PH | Drainage | Schumann Resonance,  | Cells | Infections | Spatial Orientation | Communiction | Balancing Right & Left Hemispheres | Memory, Recall and Organization and more

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