Crystal Pyramid Kit


Using The Crystal Pyramid

Included in Kit:

  • 4 Pyramid Base Crystals30
  • 1 Capstone Crystal
  • 1 Chakra Clearing Meditation CD
  • 1 Fourth Dimensional Shift Meditation CD
  • 4 Hand Crystals
  • 1 Sub Cap Crystal

We are each part of a Universal Grid of consciousness resonating from the God Force that supports everything in manifestation.  To become an active co-creator we only need to know how it works, and how to attune to the living consciousness of Earth that is the Akashic records.  Meditation is the bridge that opens the portals of the subconscius mind into the pyramidal crystalline structure of Earth Mind.  To build a resonator 8 crystals are needed for one person, 10 for two persons.

For one person, place four crystals in a square as the base of the pyramid around a chair.  Point the crystals toward one placed under the chair in line with the spine, preferably a smoky crystal , to attune to Earth Energy.  Pin the clear pyramid to the ceiling directly above your head.

Hold a crystal in each hand, pint turned intward toward your thumbs.  Do the Chakra Clearing meditation to Clear and open your energy channels.  Think of the great pyramid in Egypt and imagine yourself sitting in the King's Chamber.  Extend your awareness downward through the crystal below your chair and into Earth Mind.  When you feel the groupnding connection, raise your awareness upwards through your Crown Chakra into the Cap Stone on the ceiling.  When you feel Clear, listen to the Fourth Dimension mediation.

For two persons, ist with your backs together in the Crystal Pyramid.  The balance of Male/Female energy between you will greatly enhance the power of your experience.  You can sit on the floor, with the bottom crystal at the base of your spines if this is comfortable for you, or on cushions.