Elite Fruit & Vegetable Washer


O3 Pure Elite 50KT Fruite & Vegetable Washer. 

Removes pesticides,bacteria and viruses from vegetables, fruits and foodgrains.

  • Gets ride of impurities
  • Ensures safest purest food possible
  • Utilizes OZONE technology for purification
  • Thousands of tiny O3 bubbles safely and effectively wash Pesticides & contaminations from fruits, vegetables, sea food, poultry & other meats.
  • Reduce your Chemical Intake & taste the difference. This is Mother Natures Chemical Free Washing System.
  • Complete, ready to use. No filters or replacement parts needed. Digital Readout push button with Timer. 50gm/hr ozone output.

Is your family at risk from the invisible dangers on the food they consume?  Chances are the produce sold in your local supermarket have been treated with pesticides and/or are susceptible to contaminants from the growing or distribution process.   “The Elite 50 KT reduces your families health risks”
Utilizing the proven technology of O3 (ozone) the “Elite 50 KT” creates thousands of tiny O3 bubbles which safely and effectively wash pesticides and contaminants from fruit, vegetables, seafood, poultry and other meats.

  • Digital Readout push button with Timer. 50gm/hr ozone output
  •  6L Capacity, 1 year Warranty, US standard 110v/60Hz, 10 watt
  • Rinse bowl to clean. Compact and light weight. User Friendly

The Professional Grade O3 Pure "Elite 50 KT" Fruit and Vegetable Washer is one of the most advanced fruit and vegetable washers on the market. It will provide you with the satisfaction of eating great tasting, safe, healthy fruits and vegetables. We are confident the "Elite 50 KT" will be one of your most used kitchen appliances.
“Elite 50 KT helping you provide safe, healthy options for your family”.

The advanced patented revolutionary O3 Pure "Elite" 50KT Fruit and Vegetable Washer utilizes the proven technology of O3 (ozone). The superior design assists the O3 bubbles to safely and effectively wash contaminations from fruits, vegetables, sea food, poultry and other meats. It comes with an ozone diffuser plate to agitate the ozone within the bowl, a built-in timer, a suspension grate to hold food below the water surface and an ozone neutralizer to remove it from the air once it bubbles through the water. Additionally the ozonated water can be added to a spray bottle and will stay concentrated for up to 15 minutes before reverting back to normal tap water. During this time it can be used to freshen and deodorize areas throughout the home. The unit is protected by a Full One-Year Manufacturer Warranty by Kel Technologies; one of the most trusted names in the ozone and food sanitizing industry.
Model: Elite 50 KT Features

  • Full 1 Year Warranty
  • Extends food life
  • Preserves freshness
  • Saves time and is User friendly
  • Visually appealing
  • Low power consumption
  • Fights bacteria, fungus and viruses
  • Rating Voltage: 110v/60Hz
  • Capacity: 6 L
  • Power: 110V,10w
  • Plugs into standard outlet
  • Heavy 5 ft. Electrical cord
  • Ozone output 50mg/hr