Eye Dowsing Session


Included is Recorded CD and 30 Page Book.  Focus is Optium Eye Health.

  • CD is recording of a full Group Healing Session
  • Book Includes
    • Dowsing Protocol, Eye Dowsing Check List
    • Alternative Dowsing Approaches
    • Self Care Techniques for Eye Health

This is a recorded healing session focused on bringing your eyes back to optimum balance.   During this healing session Kathy Wilson and participating Dowsers -adjust, balance, unblock, eliminate pain and support your eye structure and function.  The aim is to bring your eye back to optimum balance and function.   Also Included are many easy to implement self-care techniques, using subtle energy and vibrational frequencies to maintain eye health.  Lots of tried methods and techniques to choose from.

Whatever your challenge is with your eyes - this healing session will be of benefit.

Blood flow  |  Bio Electricity / Chi | Nerves | Hormones | Polarity | PH | Drainage | Central Vision | Imbalances in the Eye  | Eye Functions

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