Magnetic Wrist Strap Pincushion


Wrist Grabbit® Magnetic Pincushion keeps pins as close as your hand! The powerful magnetic platform on a wrist band sweeps up pins and aligns them with the heads ready to grab. Pins are ready at your fingertips for use with your Tong Ren Doll! Includes 17 Pins. Available with blue and white wrist strap. The magnet measures 2"x1 1/2".

  • Easy snap-close buckle
  • Adjustable strap for perfect fit
  • Powerful magnet lines up pins
  • Position platform anywhere along strap
  • Durable construction - Lifetime guarantee

Tong Ren Application: [Using the Pins] One method of Tong Ren healing involves putting pins onto the doll as a method of stimulating areas of chi blockage. This is a good method for self work and for practitioners who want to work with other healing methods or a quick set up. In the early days of Tong Ren healing, this was the first method used. Please check regulations in your own area.